Welcome to Symposium Management

This site is used for the Arizona Space Grant Consortium's Symposium abstract and RSVP submissions. For additional information about the Symposium including location, keynote speaker, and more, please visit https://spacegrant.arizona.edu/students/symposium.

If you are a manager or ASCEND mentor, please read the instructions below and then click Login (top-right of the page) to sign in with your credentials.

Instructions: As a manager or ASCEND mentor, you are responsible for reading, editing, and approving all abstracts submitted by your students, verifying group speaking time slot requirements, and verifying speaker names for multi-speaker presentations. To review your students' abstract submissions, log in with your Arizona Space Grant Symposium credentials:

  • Navigate to the Abstract and Events RSVP Attendance Form (top of page).
  • Click the Results tab.
  • Sort by College/University to view your students' submissions; click the name you want to review.
  • Edit as needed. When complete, at the bottom, click Save.
  • On the Results tab, click the lock to indicate you are done with your review.